What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Playing Mobile Games

Mobiles have become an integral part of our daily life. The small device which was introduced merely as the mode of communication can today perform much more than expected.

From calculator to calander you have access to every essential utility in your mobile phones in just a snap of fingers.

Even mobile games have made a special place in a user’s life. Whether you are 4 year old kid or 40 year old professional, everyone loved spending time on their mobile phone while playing their favorite games.

The craze of mobile games is such that the cell phone companies are specifically building mobile game friendly devices for their customers.

Let us move ahead and discuss the impact of playing free online mobile games.

Advantages of Playing Mobile Games

1. Enhance Creativity

In the present time, mobile game development companies are more inclining towards building such games that enhance the creativity of a player. It helps one to think in an innovative way.

2. Augment Analytical Skills

There are many games in Play Store and Apple Store which are designed with an aim to help people polish their analytical skills. These games are like treasure hunt and racing to name a few.

3. Increase Employment

With the increase in the demand for mobile games, the need for mobile game developers and designers is also increasing. Therefore this genere has created numerous employment opportunities.

Disadvantages of Playing Mobile Games

1. Mental Disability

In various reports, it has been declared that those who excessively play mobile games, becomes the victims of mental disability. Kids from the age of 4 to 12 are the one who are severelly affected by mobile games. Disabilities such as memory loss, speech problem, and eyesight problem is highly affecting mobile game users.

2. Criminal Activities

Seeing the craze of mobile games, some anti-social elements have created dangerous games that harm players physically and mentally. In past few years, many people have lost their lives by playing such henious mobile games. Hope you remember about the mos controversial game, Blue Whale.

3. Becoming Anti-Social

Due to an excessive use of mobile games, people are forgetting being socialize. It has been found that people prefer playing games in their cell phone rather than talking to someone. It ultimately is affecting their overall personaity and making them anti-social.

The Final Words

Playing mobile games indeed is the best way to spend leisure time, and to drive away loneliness.

On the one hand the niche is giving boost to various mobile app development companies to grow and flourish.

On the other hand, due to online mobile games people are severelly harming themselves.

We only suggest that, it all depends on us, how we utilize something. Our awaremenss and aigility can prevent us from various potential harms.

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