Top Trending Games of the Week

Top Trending Games Of The Week (August 23-31) On Google Play Store

The Google Play store is a platform that hosts a range of mobile applications that suits a variety of purposes, including video gaming. Mobile games are one of the best sources of entertainment that the users enjoy. 

New Play Store games are launched every week, and the trend has spiked up since the announcement of the lockdown. This article aims to highlight the top Google Play Store games that are trending in August 2020.

Top Trending Games On Google Play Store

There is a wide variety of mobile games that are available on the Play Store. From action-packed gun battles to free running and puzzle-solving, the platform features apps that are suitable for every age group. Below are mentioned either the recent addition or the top trending games of the first two weeks of August.


Crossing Gaps Hero – New Crossing Game

Crossing Gaps Hero is simple yet exciting to play an adventure game that can be played by just a finger. The game immerses the user into an experience where the levels are based on targeted locations and involve connecting pillars by building bridges to keep the character moving. 


Ludo Trophy

This game is aimed to provide users with a classic ludo gaming experience where the participants have to race their token to their respective houses. However, what makes it even more exciting is the fact that the game involves strategically moving your token on every turn while saving it from the competitors on the other side. 


Latest Rummy – Indian Rummy Game

An evolved version of the popular game Indian Rummy that involves making sets and sequences. The game features eye-catching graphics and a well-laid user interface. The game demands analytical and rational skills in order to win the game. The game supports a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 players that enhance the gaming experience.


Soda Dungeon 2

Immerse in the engaging environment of the classic dungeon crawler. Fight powerful monsters while avoiding traps and treachery to bring back the loot and upgrade your town and weaponry. The in-game currency allows the user to purchase items and replenish the inventory for an enhanced experience. 

The turn-based dungeon crawler demands the user to assemble the team of brave adventurers for raiding the dungeons and using the resources to attract new heroes and buy upgrades. 


Slayaway Camp: Free To Slay

Live the experience of 1980’s horror movie in this sliding block puzzle game. Slayaway Camp is a block puzzle game with a darkly comic side. The game is based on an iconic slasher movie that features the story of slaughtering camp counsellors. 


Hills Of Steel 2

Hills Of Steel 2 is the sequel of the popular battle game Hills Of Steel. The game offers a 3vs3 tank battle on hilly terrain that makes it a game packed full of action. The game features 6 player vs player modes that adds a touch of versatility to the gaming experience. Also, the user gets the freedom to select between 10 powerful tanks that helps the player to win the battle. Hills Of Steel delivers appealing 3D graphic visuals and free rewards on a daily basis that further enhances user engagement. 


Learn Chess With Dr. Wolf

Chess is a popular game that is recognized worldwide and requires players to stay calm and collected. Learn Chess With Dr. Wolf, is a classic chess game that provides detailed coaching to the player at every step. The platform is not only helpful for the beginners but also for the aspirants that carry their fair share of understanding about the game. 

The game is developed with an aim to educate the players about strategic ideas and addressing the loose ends.


Hyper Jobs

The game provides an engaging user experience, where the user is assigned to complete a variety of jobs. The game features a variety of levels that are dedicated to specific tasks including Zookeeper, garbage man, prison guard, firefighter or even a magician. However, the list does not end here, and the game offers a varied experience that successfully keeps the user entertained for long. 


Jelly Fill

Jelly fill is an engaging puzzle game platform. The user is required to rotate the pieces of jelly to successfully complete the puzzle. The game features more than 100 levels of bouncy physics puzzles. Colorful visuals and the simplicity of the interface makes it a blissful experience while you navigate through the screen. So what are you waiting for? Install the app and test your reflexes in this fast-paced puzzle game.


Easy Game- Brain Test And Tricky Mind

Test your IQ and sharpen your mind with this app that features a variety of brain testing and tricky mind games. The gaming platform offers an addictive gaming experience that not only showcases your intelligence and smartness but also helps in training up the mind. The game includes a variety of riddles, puzzles as well as brain teasers and the list does not end here.


Army Vehicles Transport Simulator

The truck simulation game is the perfect choice for people that aspires to experience driving a truck and transporting army vehicles on it. The task is not as easy as it seems as the game features challenging situations that take a great deal of effort while testing the driving skills. Earn fame as an experienced driver in this Army Vehicle Transport Simulator. 

Scope Of Game Development

There are a lot of free and paid games that are available on Google Play Store. No matter what business model you choose, the customers have always rated and appreciated the best android games of all time. 

The increased affordability of smartphones and easy access to high-speed internet has not only surged the demand for mobile game development but also made it a profitable sector. 

An experienced Android and iOS game development company can suggest a variety of gaming app projects, from basic to advanced, depending on the budget and the business idea for your app development.

Final words

The idea of investing in mobile game development is a lucrative business approach, and the stats are right there to prove it. The mobile game industry accounts for $49 billion of revenue generated every year out of which $16.9 billion is pure profit. 

Approaching a game app development company for your project can help you successfully feature your gaming app in the list of upcoming new Play Store games category.

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