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Top 5 Variations: You Should Know Before Playing Teen Patti Online


At present time, everyone can easily afford the smartphone with fast internet connection Where they can do everything which they want. But sometimes they get bored with WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, then they think to enjoy a boring moment with gaming, song listening, Video songs or movies and online video gaming. So, here we are providing you joyful game which is Latest Teen Patti. In another word, we can say that this is a virtual game that gives you Chip like real money after winning the game, which is why it is known as a Gambling Game or Online Casino Games.

When you download the Teen Patti Game it gives you 2,00,000 chips points which are the bonus point for the first time in the installation. But If you want more chips then you can earn 100,000 chips by sharing this game to Facebook, WhatsApp, E-mail.

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1. Play Now:

It is the first step of Latest Teen Patti Game, Whom you can see on the first dashboard screen. So when you click on this game you can see your all game rules before to start the game. It is a normal game variation another word we can say, that people can play this game with less amount.

2. Open Table:

The Open table game is a fantastic game where the user can start the bot with minimum 200 chip and play with unlimited chips. It means the user can get lots of chips after winning the game which indicates the winning pride of the user.

3. Private Table:

The private table, which is known as the exclusive table where the user can join the game table on invitation based. It means, When the user installs the game then they get a unique ID which is helpful to invite the people to play and join the private table anywhere and anytime in the world. After that, the game server establishes a game connection which communicates with players and start a private game.

4. Play Joker:

The Play joker game is the well trending game of the Latest teen Patti where user can receive two diff card with one joker game after that the joker replace with series card or same combination card that increase your winning chances in the online game playing.

5. Variations

In this, it provides 3 variations that keep its quality according to the game server.

a) Hukum:

The most popular game of Teen Patti game variation which is based on Hukum card term. It means once you start the game then, the Hukum card game treated as a Joker. Where The game server dealt the three card to the player where two normal card and one is a joker. When you start the game then according to game rules it will replace your joker card with a higher better card of HUkum.

b) Muflis:

The game quality of muflis is based on a lower rank card so don’t upset when you receive the lowest card during latest Teen Patti Card Game playing. For example, if you have 2,3,5 number card! Doesn’t matter these card is represent your winning chance.

c) AK47:

The second most popular game name is AK47 which is based on Aces, King, fours, seven cards. In this game variation, every player based on three cards. If the player receives any one card in this game then the joker which is a wild card of this game, places any card to AK47 bases as per player wants according to Latest Teen Patti Game.

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