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Top 10 New High Graphics Games for Android

Nowadays, smartphones already have the potential to store and play the latest high graphics mobile games. After having your new smartphone in your hand, you always wanted to try its potential for heavy graphics games. These smartphones are proving better than those hand-held consoles for playing these New Android games, and through it, you can experience the most wonderful games with high graphics and realistic games. 

Here you will get yourself amazed with these breathtaking Android and iOS games, take a look at these high-graphics games for your smartphone. 

Addictive High-Graphics Games to Play in 2020

1. Latest Jump

Do you like a challenging and smart games? If yes, then what can be better than this combo of high-graphics and amazing challenges. It is a free online jumping game to give users an enthralling feel. It has vivid features along with the never-ending list of enjoyments. It is an addictive game that will keep you engaged with its impressive video and audiovisuals. 

2. Helical Jump

It is a new helix jump mobile game that is available for Android as well. Have a wonderful experience by playing this ball jump game that is the best way to spend your free time. To play this interesting game, put your finger on the device’s screen, and move the ball according to its balance. You can’t move the on-screen ball but can shake the mobile’s screen and pillar to handle the ball balance in the center. Also, keep an eye on the gap plates. 

3. Asphalt 9: Legends

It is another very famous and exciting mobile game with good graphics. You will get driving full of adventures that are far from reality. Also, your car will be flipped by the air, and you can use automatic steering and tires for it. It includes detailed maps, striking hypercars, and challenging companions as well. 

4. The Elder Scrolls: Blades

This game consists of 3D models and stunning levels to compete for the console titles with ease. This elder scroll gameplay is simple and easy in comparison to other game titles from the franchise. Through it, you will be able to dip yourself in Tamriel’s fantasy world. In this, you can collect the loot, clear dungeons out from the monster, and can quest entirely.   

5. Crossing Gaps Hero

Play this simple game to experience thrill and excitement. You can play this game with one finger on your tablet or smartphone. It includes so much adventure as you have a bridge in it to go from one pillar to another. You have to be aware, because if you fall, then you are out of the game! You can also have golden game points in this one of the best new Android games.

6. Shadowgun

Play this futuristic shooting game in which you can have your control entirely on a callous bounty hunter with the purpose of stopping a mad doctor. It has a wonderful storyline along with the voiced characters professionally. Also, graphics are stunning and are rendered amazingly. You can have this game on Android smartphones.

7. Modern Combat 5

In this game, you have control on eight kinds of classes to go further head-to-head in a shooting game with multiplayer mode. It also has a story mode in which you require to accomplish various missions to have rewards and points. Every class includes a set of skills that is under your control, and you can improve the skills through it as or your playstyle. 

8. Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

Try this fast-paced adventurous latest iOS mobile game in which a player slices by masses of opponents to go ahead. It includes attractive but horrible visuals and also, you have to solve different puzzles, defeat epic bosses, and search hidden treasures and items by using your strategies. Explore this world different from common missions freely. 

9. Wild Blood

It is a perfect combo for game addicted people as this game has fantasy multiplayer mode that is generated through the Unreal engine. You will have full control over ferocious characters along with the upgradable weapons consisting of axes, bows, swords, & bows, and incredible superpowers. You can enjoy both by playing 4v4 PVP matches with other players and also a great story of Sir Lancelot. And, no matter if you are an Android or iOS user as this game is available for both platforms.

10. Eternium 

This game is good among all the other games in the context of an open-world game. You will get control of one of the four kinds of characters to wander the world and accomplish the quests. In this, you can also purchase armour, learn new spells, and also upgrade weapons to become a stronger player. This game doesn’t support the PVP, but it will do soon. You don’t need to play this game only to win, play it more to enjoy. Adore this latest iOS mobile game that is available for Android as well!

Closing Thought

Despite this guide, as mentioned earlier by us, you can find more high-graphics amazing games on Zuobox that are available on both platforms, be it iOS or Android. We will provide you with the most entertaining and exciting addictive games to play that are developed by our expert and dedicated team members. But first, try out these games stated above as these are worth playing due to their amazing storyline. And don’t forget to tell us which game you like the most of all this!

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