The Best Free Mobile Games to Play on Your Android Or iOS Phone or Tablet!

If you are getting bored at home and looking for some fun game to play, then these free games that are available for android, iOS, and tablets as well. These latest mobile games are worth playing and suitable for spending your time. For downloading these mobile games, you won’t have to spend a single penny and they are fun to play as well. Form strategy-rich puzzlers to multiplayer brawls, these free games are both addictive and fun. Try these exciting games and play them with your friends!!

Latest Free Mobile Games that You Can Download Right Now

We are here to help you with the list of best mobile games 2020 that are super fun and amazing and free to download as well. Install them immediately to have fun with family members and other people too. Check out and download free android games

  • Helix Jump


Try this most exciting jumping game ever that is easy to access and easy to download. It is one of the most interesting games among all the jump games 2020. You have to move your finger on the device’s screen as per the balance of the ball. You can’t move the on-screen ball but you can shake the pillars to handle the center ball balance. Pay attention to gap plates and move the game maze carefully.


  • Orbit: Play with Gravity


It is a wonderful puzzler in which you have to guide heavenly bodies around the gravity wells. And, you have to throw planets into an orbit through pulling back on the device’s screen and throwing them like a fowl or slingshot. After that, figure out how the balls will react in various scenarios that are a huge part of the game. This game is free at Google Play, iOS, and Amazon app stores.


  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


This digital card game that is known as Blizzard entertainment’s blockbuster is on top in mobile games. This game has short play sessions that have limited time and you can play this game anywhere anytime. The interface of this game is suitable for any device’s screen and larger phablets, it is simple to read the card and play with the whistles and bells of the interactive game boards. It is one of the best go-to apps among all the latest mobile games. Download it to have an amazing experience.


  • Crossing Gaps Hero

It is an impressive, simple, and fun game to play with one finger anytime anywhere. This game is based on the adventure game category, in which a player accomplishes whole levels that are based on targeted locations. You can experience the attractive user interface that includes an animated burning river, some of the pillars, bubble clouds, etc. that define the game quality. In this, the player stands on one pillar and has to go to another pillar by making a bridge. But he has to mind the distance between pillars as it has a burning river upside down and if the player falls off, he is out of the game. and, the game will restart automatically after this.


  • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy


If you like rhythm games, then this one’s for you as it has splendid soundtracks for this game that gives you a real feel. This is known as a music game featuring much better music like Square-Enix’s RPG series that would be amazing. If you want to explore more songs in the game, then you have to spend some money, otherwise, it is free to download.


  • Clash Royale


This crafted game is by supercell you will enjoy for sure. It is free to play a mobile game and lies among the top-grassers due to the gameplay. It has a resemblance to the multiplayer online battle arena like legends of the Dota2 league. In this, you select which player will go down to two lanes and your opponent will also do the same. you have to counter the enemy with the right foil and protect yourself. Every battle is different and you can just fight with one hand against a real person.


  • Pokémon Go


This game is so famous among all the players and one of the latest mobile games. You can play it with the family members as it can help you to change your habits as the more you walk in this, the more you will gather items and run into the creatures randomly you want to capture. In this, you have to hatch the eggs and see what you gathered. It is also known as most primitive of location-based games and augmented reality games, but as you have known that Niantic outsmarted each person through remembering billion mobile players.

Final Words

So, these were some wonderful games that we have listed in this blog to help you get rid of the boredom and have some excitement in your life. You can play these games with your family members or anyone you want. These all the latest mobile games are free to download and easy to access. ZuoBox, a leading game development company also provides such kind of quality games with amazing features. Contact them for any kind of gaming services.

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