The Best 10 Gaming Blogs You Need To Start Following In 2019

The Best 10 Gaming Blogs You Need To Start Following

The lighting global impact of the digitalization and social media has mystified many in the marketing world puzzle over the answer to the print vs digital debate.“Is print dead?” question arises according to the present scenario of internet influence. Businesses are concentrating their advertising efforts completely online in an endeavor to capitalize on the boundless reach, economical and convenience of the World Wide Web. The best video gaming blogs hold out enthusiastic analysis and sharp reviews with catering survey reports. Following gaming blogs are listed on the base of the trustworthy and global reach of huge followers;

Gaming Blogs You Need To Start Following

GoNintendo (

This blog is a bookmark for each and everyone eager in Nintendo gaming, GoNintendo has subsumed all the latest Wii U, 3DS and Nintendo news along with extensive reviews, features, videos, and interview. It stockpiles stories from the Internet and cluster up them quickly, offering a bullseye for the Nintendo news of the day.

Shacknews (

Shacknews is a site that diminishes the boundaries between a blog and a news site which makes it a noble read because its ideology is based on independent journalism for gaming with exclusives and new angles. It serves blogs by reviewing the latest news, opinions, criticism, and trends.

UK Resistance ( )

It doesn’t post twenty blogs a day, but it rings followers of Sega, Suzanne Shaw and Sony slashing at every possibility. It provides the latest information of all three above companies It’s so uniformly humorous that you’ll never take the risk of drink coffee while exploring UKR.

Touch Arcade (

iPhone gaming is a different platform, Apple’s current deals with Nintendo and Sony is gigantic. Touch Arcade is one of the blogs that hops to cover this flourishing market, by catering news, hands-on previews and a stage of developers sharing thoughts about their games on iOS platform.

Guardian Games Blog (

Always trailing latest headlines and current affairs of the gaming world. The Guardian’s Games Blog refrain the shiny press releases and screenshots in order to approach more precise reviews, catering survey, interviews, and opinion. Always interesting and often provoking.

That VideoGame Blog (

It is a multi-format blog that plough behind the bulletin, serving posts that are as gripping to people in the games industry as to followers. Clean content and clear script make it an entertaining to read.

Destructoid (

Destructoid provides the latest video gaming bulletin and community with Webby Nominated and Bronze Telly Winner. Destructoid stands out with a character of its own: sharp, enthusiastic and never boring.

VG247 (

VG247 currently has the most impulsive of all the UK blogs, freshly possess three chimes at the Games Media Awards. The writing is tremendous, and it wraps all the beneficial news with a twist of humor.

Joystiq (

One of the two Tuff contenders of the latest gaming apps blogs of the world is Joystiq. Joystiq offers a bunch of posts a day, getting the latest news stories without any delay, and hunt down every possible absolute information. A vital source for gaming buff.

Kotaku (

It’s difficult to choose between Kotaku and Joystiq. The Kotaku trump card is its humorous content, however, its bloggers demonstrate their turn of mind without becoming pleasure seeking. IT serves the latest scenario and sneak peeks from the gaming industry from all across the globe. It created a bridge for thoughts and opinions between gamers and developers.

With the emergence of technology advancement, blogging is getting popular and grabbing the attention of millions. Its enabling people to indulge in the ultimate gaming experience experiencing rapid growth.

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