Poker, Rummy & Teen Patti game: The Journey from Table to the Screen

The card games have always been a part of Indian culture and traditions. It has its evidence in history and mythology that the great kings and emperors used to play Teen Patti for entertainment. These games lost their existence as technology drove through our lives, and games on phones took over their interest. From the basic phone to smartphone, we played a lot of games like Snake, Subway Surfer, and then upgrading with technology the wave of PUBG hit the world. But, now the craze for the “Desi” card games are back.

PlayStore and AppStore deliver an evidential base that, out of the top ten grossing games, are four card games. It proves that the traditional style of playing the games is being forgotten, but the games took over the digital platform to get back to the hearts of the card game lovers.

No wonder, among the top 10 grossing games on Google Play in India in February, Candy Crush Saga trails Octro’s Teen Patti and is closely followed by Teen Patti Gold, a desi version of poker played with three cards. Two more card games find a place on the list. (View)

History of Teen Patti

Teen Patti, meaning ‘three cards’ in English, is a gambling card game that originated in the Indian subcontinent and is popular throughout South Asia. It originated in the English game of three-card brag, with influences from poker.

The game was always a part of society. Even in the 21st century, the game is enjoyed in Indian homes as the family comes together for the glorious festival of Diwali. The game was then illegal, due to which many clubs in Goa and Mumbai were shut as the secret gambling went over the limits. The Teen Patti game download is easy to sign in, and start grinding!


Poker is worldwide known for the intellect and skills one needs for playing the game. The greatest chess players and economists have accepted the game of Poker as it involves mental prowess.

With time passing, the High Courts of various jurisdictions have quoted that the law enforcement authorities are not to interfere with the game of rummy played with stakes.

In 1996, a three-judge bench of the Supreme Court affirmed its 1967 judgment and ruled that games involving a substantial and preponderant degree of skill fall within the definition of ‘games of mere skill’ and added that betting on horse-racing is a game of skill outside the ambit of gambling.

Poker: The Digital Empowerment

Now, as everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, one can just unlock the phone and start playing the game anywhere. There are no restrictions on space and time as you have a virtual platform to play the game. You can play rummy card games online with random players if you are traveling alone. It offers several payment modes to let you play without any complications. The game is available for all mobile devices, including Android and iOS.

Emerging from the traditions, these games like Teen Patti, Poker, and Rummy still have their digital existence. Unlike its old myth of being a part of gambling, it is now legalized to be recognized as a game that needs skills and mental reflex to play.

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