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8 Favorite Endless Mobile Games for New Android Phones

People are having more interest in android games nowadays as these games have become so popular for keeping them entertained. People are getting addicted to these new mobile games as they consistently play the game until the game is finished or an obstacle stops them. These games are becoming people’s favorite because of simple controls, quick play, easy access, etc.

8 Best Endless Mobile Games for Android Phones

Here are some top endless android games that will let you experience more fun and excitement while playing them with your family and friends. Check them out-

1. Crossy Road

It is the most popular android game that is freely available on Google Play and it is a kind of classic game Frogger. You have to avoid being fallen into water or hit by the car to win. It has an online and local mode, unlockable characters, android TV support, etc. like other android games, it is also easy to play and a friendly game.


2. Helical Jump

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For enjoyment purposes, this game will be perfect as it has thrilling and impressive adventures of the jumping game. This new endless mobile game is very simple yet amazing and is freely available and easy to access. In this, you just have to put your finger on the mobile screen and move as per the ball balancing. Throughout the game, you can’t move the ball on the screen, you can just shake the pillar or screen. You have to manage the center ball balancing and break the pillar by falling the ball on the pillar surface.


3. Jetpack Joyride

This game is known as 2D, side-scrolling inestimable runner where you play the role of a guy with a jetpack. You have to neglect the obstacles along with gathering coins, power-ups, and upgrades. This game includes leaderboards, achievements, and some character personalization. It is one of the latest plays store games, so when it comes to mechanics, it is like other endless runner games.


4. Smash Hit

Although it is one of the oldest endless runner games, still no game can beat this one. It was upgraded by the developers last year for the new android phones. It requires a little bit of strategy except just swiping and running. You have to purchase it with $1.99 that unlocks save points and other game stuff.


5. Yodo1 Games

This is a kind of developer that has developed some decent infinite runners type new mobile games. These games include simple mechanics, amazing infinite runners, colorful graphics, and additional features for gameplay. It also includes some other games like- Pac-Man 256 and Sooty Skies along with Rodeo Stampede specifically. These games are fun, simple, and easy to play that can run forever.


6. Latest Dots and Boxes

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This game is a kind of classic board game in which the player has to make a wining box in this application. The main objective of this game is to make a square box with a combination of boxes and dots. It has an impressive dashboard screen with three panels such as -online, offline, and multiplayer. There are multiple dots and boxes and players have to make a box with them for winning this game. This game is freely available on Google play and it is easy to play.

7. Bendy in Nightmare Run

Bendy in this game is a charming runner with a retro feel. You have to fight against a bunch of bullies in this game as bendy. It involves an animation style of 1930 and makes it a little unique from other endless runner free android games. Defeat bosses, avoid the obstacles, and run forever for collecting items for unlocking many things. This game is filled with lots of bold colors and design aspects.


8. Crossing Gaps Hero

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This game is so unique, effective, impressive, and simple to play and enjoy anytime and anywhere. It is a better option for spending time with the family. It falls into the adventure game category, in which the player has to compete for the level based on targeted locations. In this, the player stands on the first pillar and he has to go to another pillar by making a bridge. If you fall into the burning river, then you will be out. As a player, you have to grab the most game points and protect your lifeline to defeat the monster.  



In this article, we have defined the top 8 endless new mobile games that are perfect to spend time. These all have an effective mechanism, easy access, freely available, quick to play, simple controls, and impressive dashboards that attract the user to download and play these games. If you are looking for more fun and exciting android games, then check out the games developed by Zuobox that is India’s top game development company and provides amazing mobile games as per the choice of their customers.  

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