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7 Fun & Easy Mobile Games Play in Lockdown3.0 with Family

India has arrived in the second phase of the lockdown and people are instructed to stay at home and come out only for essential services. In this situation, people have nothing to do at home and this is where the smartphone has their role by entertaining in the form of the latest mobile games. You can play these fun games with your family and friends.

If you are bored with board games, then try these exciting mobile games to enjoy with your family. These games will help you to recall your childhood memories along with family fun. These online games are available on iOS and Android both and you can download them from anywhere!

Most Fun Mobile Games to Play in Lockdown 3.0 

To ease up the things for you and your family, here are some new mobile games that you can play with your family by maintaining the guidelines of social distancing.

1. Ludo King

This fun game also has a board version, don’t you have it? No need to worry as the online version of this game will be addictive and good in the same way. Recall your childhood with this classic game including several modes like offline multiplayer, single-player, online multiplayer, and more. It also has features such as- real-time chat, saving the previous game, and checking themes and players’ stats.

2. Helical Jump

This is one of the best android games that are reasonable, simple, and enjoyable games on Google Play store for free. In this, the ball colors can’t touch the colorful strip as it can make you out of the game.

Available on:

Play Store:

App Store:

3. UNO

And, this is the famous family card game played by people for decades and still, you will not get bored with this game. You can also play it with physical cards but its online version also will not disappoint you at all. Players create private rooms in it for friends and family and tap UNO when you get your last card.


One of the most fun games, people are playing these days and getting addicted too. This game doesn’t need any introduction as most people know about it already. This battle royal online multiplayer game allows you to fight with 99 rivals for survival on an island. Make the winning strategies, defeat your enemies, and save your survival then you will get “winner winner chicken dinner”.

5. Clash of Clans

This is known as a battle strategy game where you train your throngs, build your village, go to the battleground, and compete in heroic clan wars. This exciting game has fire-wielding wizards, mustachioed barbarians, and many more in this fascinating and thrilling multi-player game. Players with their team defeat the enemies to defend their village.   

6. Carrom Pool

Is there anyone who doesn’t like this game? Everyone loves playing this game with their family members during the lockdown. It is the easiest game to play and make you have good touch controls also. Everybody has good childhood memories with this game and they can recall it by playing it again in the time of quarantine.

7. Call of Duty

In the world of new and latest mobile games, this game also has space in people’s hearts. Though it has time than longer as it includes various multiplayer game modes. Also, it has many faced paced game and maps modes to select from. The game chat feature of this game permits the player to interact with their companions. This game is so popular that it has its version of the battle royale version.

Along with a 100-player battleground, it has 5v5 team deathmatch, sniper vs sniper battle, and zombie action too.  


Final Words

By being at home for a long time, we are running out of enjoyable things. These above-mentioned online games will release your stress and don’t forget to take your parents too while playing these fun games so that they can also enjoy with you. We have mentioned some of the best online games here to engage with each other to survive this lockdown and still enjoy it by staying at home.

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