Best New android games May 2020

10 Best New Android Games In May 2020

With this magnificent list of great android games available at Google play store, proves that it is quite difficult to select the best among these latest play store games. There are various kinds of games that you can pick to pass your time as well as for enjoyment purposes. These games include platformers, role-playing games, first-person shooters, puzzlers, racing games, strategy games, and more.

10 Top Latest Android Games to Play in Free Time

Here we have aimed to present a good mix of different types of android games that are available in present at Google play store.


  • Super Ludo 

Super Ludo

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This game can be played with 2 or 4 players and it gives 4 tokens to every player as they require a full turn on the board for making it to the finish line. Available game controls are also set for playing mode as per the user. It has 2 modes- computer and local mode for offline mode. You have to roll the dice whenever it’s your turn and according to that, you have to move your parts.


  • Monster Legends

    Monoster Legends


This game seems like it got many things from the Pokemon franchise but it has more common things with noughties juggernaut Neopets. Among free android games, this game provides you the chance of building menageries through adding various creatures and learning them. There are about 600 monsters to gather but beware from the lure of microtransactions as it is strong to speed up your gathering.


  • Marvel Strike Force


In this, somebody is attacking the earth and you are the leader of a ragtag bunch of Marvel characters for defeating your rivals. You have to gather all of your favorite superheroes and have them into a team and lead them to a single-player campaign. You can also use real-world money to buy the game characters but that doesn’t mean that you can win them by playing the game very much. The collector-battler based on the turn is common and the entry of marvel is the best till today.


  • Clash Royale


It is an arena battler that will be the best use of your free time. These latest play store games are based on minions and characters. This game has 2 players in a head to head battle using creatures, spells, and minions for finishing the castle and towers of opponents.


  • Call of Duty


It is one of the biggest FPS franchises with a game designed for firefights on a touchscreen. If you love fighting games, this one’s for you. It has battle royale, multiplayer modes, and some classic maps that will be familiar. In this, you can get ranked, customize load-outs, and win prizes.  


  • Latest Tambola

    Download Latest Tambola


For passing your time, you can play the latest games with your family, so download new games like Latest Tambola. In this, you can choose the automatic or manual mode and create random numbers. By the time, these all numbers should be matched with the board, then you will be the winner. This game might differ from tambola to housie but it always brings unlimited fun from centuries.


  • Hades’ Star


A space strategy game with a spacious universe, this game could be the one for you. You can build a spaceship fleet, colonize planets, mine resources, open the trade routes, exploring the galaxy’s farthest reaches, and researching new technologies, etc. The multiplayer mode will permit you to work together for completing tough missions, building diplomatic relations, and co-operations.


  • Shadow gun Legends

Shadowgun legends


With some shooter actions, nowadays these free android games also have a little sprinkle of RPG. Get ready and suit up for combating with some aliens. This neon-lit central hub is full of activities, a casino, stores, bar, and various shady characters for your missions. It is the best sci-fi shooter in the Google play store nowadays.


  • Madden NFL Mobile Football


If you want some reliable Madden NFL action on your device, then it will be the best option. Make a team as head coach and general manager and try to lead them to NFL victory. Controls in this are simple to pick up along with scoring touchdowns and calling the plays. This is the best NFL game right now and has NFL legends and real roasters. You can personalize your team and still it will be a console game’s watered-down version and it only has an online mode.


  • Dragon Ball Legends


This is one of the latest play store games that is fun including a series of various levels, characters, and gathering abilities. It is made to be played in portrait mode and easy to play. Also, it has a PvP mode for real-time versions worldwide.


These are some best android games in the Google Play store, if you want to enjoy your day, then these are perfect. Free android games are the best way to keep you entertained in your free time. If you want to develop these kinds of android games, then you can take services from India’s leading game development company Zuobox that provides the best services from skilled and expert software and game developers.

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