How To Play The Latest Tambola Game With Tips & Tricks

How To Play The Latest Tambola Game Online With Tips & Tricks | Best Free Bingo Game

Tambola is multiplayer over the generations popular game. This game of possibilities is also known as Bingo, Housey Housey, or Housie. The name of the game can differ in the various regions, but its popularity remains the same. In this game of basic principals, the organizer or the caller calls the number one at a time, and the player simply put a tick mark on the called number on their ticket or card.

In the era of digitization, this ancient game can be played by any number of players from anywhere in the world as it is easily available online. So challenge your near and dear ones in a tambola online game, or download tambola app for better experiences. Tambola can be played Live online, where the player will be dealing with the real players from around the world, or you can add this game on your party list.

In the new version of Tambola, it has a ticket or a card with 3 horizontal rows and 9 vertical columns with 27 boxes in total. Each vertical line on the ticket or cards has 5 number boxes and 4 blank boxes. In Tambola online game player can choose to play with 1, 2 or 3 tickets. Beginners can start with ticket 1 whereas the skillful player can start with the ticket 2 or 3. Players with multi tickets in this free online game require more skills and speed to play, but it also increases the chance to claim the winning combination.

Online Tambola Winning Combinations

Latest Tambola Winning Combinations

The winning combinations of online Tambola tickets are as follows:

1. Early Five: – First five ticks on the called number or cue on the ticket or card.

2. Four Corners: – Tick on the first and last number of top and bottom rows from all the four corners of the ticket.

3. Top Line: – When all the five numbers are ticked off the top horizontal line.

4. Middle Line: – When all the five numbers are ticked off the middle horizontal line.

5. Bottom Line: – When all the five numbers are ticked off the bottom horizontal line.

6. Full House: – The ticket that is first to have all the 15 numbers as called numbers.

How To Play Free Bingo/Tambola Game Online?

How To Play Free Bingo/Tambola Game Online?

  • Each player has to buy at least 1 ticket to participate in the game.

  • When the game starts, a number will be drawn in a casual order and flash on the screen board.

  • The player has to tick or cross the numbers which are flashed on the screen or called by the dealer.

  • If any player is joining the in between then still they can tick or cross the previously called out numbers.

  • The player who crosses out the numbers in a winning pattern will need to click on the “Claim” button.

  • If a player is claiming more then one time, then the player who has claimed it fast will win the game.

  • If a player has claimed a wrong pattern, then it will be treated as a Bogie, and you cannot continue the game with the same ticket.

  • The game will end when all the 90 numbers are drawn, or the game has a winner.

Bingo Game Online Tips and Tricks

Bingo Game Online Tips and Tricks

Online Bingo tips are useful to players of all skill sets, even though this game is entirely based on random chances. Despite the component of luck that’s already in the game, tambola players can use several tricks and techniques to play this game as a Pro.

  • To play Tambola online, pick a reputable site. So, that you can avail all the perks like live tambola, multiplayer tambola, and many more.

  • Be attentive while playing and avoid all little distraction. Because a small disturbance can snatch your chance to win.

  • Be adaptive to the small little changes in technology.

  • As this is a game of random numbers are less analytical.

Tambola is nowadays not only limited to the board games or to a confined number of players. Now you can play Tambola game online with N number of players. You can also download free tambola game  from the play store as there are many free tambola game applications are available.

So what are you waiting for just download a free tambola game application and get ready to win like a pro.

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