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Best New android games May 2020

10 Best New Android Games In May 2020

With this magnificent list of great android games available at Google play store, proves that it is quite difficult to select the best among these latest play store games. There are various kinds of games that you can pick to pass your time as well as for enjoyment purposes. These games include platformers, role-playing games, […]

The Best 10 Gaming Blogs You Need To Start Following In 2019

The Best 10 Gaming Blogs You Need To Start Following

The lighting global impact of the digitalization and social media has mystified many in the marketing world puzzle over the answer to the print vs digital debate.“Is print dead?” question arises according to the present scenario of internet influence. Businesses are concentrating their advertising efforts completely online in an endeavor to capitalize on the boundless […]

10 Free Android iOS Games to Play on Your Phone

10 Free Android/iOS Games to Play on Your Phone

Recently, the world of gaming has witnessed several innovations, technological advancements, and remarkable growth, making it the most influential medium of entertainment in the world. With the increasing number of smartphone users, the demand for Android and iOS games are increasing tremendously with each passing day. Game developers are putting a lot of efforts in […]