Best Android Games To Play While You're Stuck At Home

7 Of The Best Android Games To Play While You’re Stuck At Home

Smartphones play a significant role in our life and imagining one without it is nothing less than a nightmare. The mobile applications have not only succeeded in making our lives easier but also to keep us entertained. A significant rise in the on-demand video streaming and gaming applications is witnessed in the lockdown period. 

This article lists the best Android games that are trending these days and inspiring start-ups to invest in Android game development.

Top 7 Android Games To Play While At Home

Do not panic if you are getting out of ideas during the lockdown period. Passing the time can be a bit challenging; however, the technology is deployed just to figure out solutions for you. Android games are one such medium that is helping the users to kill their boredom.

Scroll down to view the latest play store games that are trending amongst the enthusiasts during the lockdown period. 


1. Latest Dots And Boxes

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It is the time when the developers realized the classic experience users enjoy and launched the board game. The winning rule of the game is to connect as many dots as possible to form different combinations of boxes that resemble a square. The game allows you to play against a friend or a bot with the challenge being to connect the four dots by drawing lines that create a box.


2. LudoTrophy

LudoTrophy is the digital version of the popular board game. The game delivers an engaging experience to the players while they race their distinct colored tokens to their respective houses. The game supports a minimum of 2 players, and the range extends up to a total of 4 players. 

The game boasts an interactive user interface that is easy to navigate and in-app purchases to enrich the user experience.


3. Super Games – Ludo, Chess, Callbreak, Snake Ladder

Super Games is a one-stop solution for gaming enthusiasts. It consists of the four most popular games of all time in a combination of board games and a card game. The developer not only succeeded in packing the games into a single app but also hiked up the user experience by allowing them to pair with other players accessing the game across the world.


4. Helical Jump – Helix Jump Game 2020 Online

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Helical Jump is one of the most enticing ball jump games available in the market. It immerses the user into an experience that leaves the gamers engaged with the gameplay for hours. The game boasts an attractive user interface with decent audio effects that enrich the gaming experience. Helical Jump is equipped with a variety of levels that keep up the challenge long-lasting. The game automatically takes the user to the beginning of the level in the event when the gamer gets out of the game. 


5. Bad North: Jotunn Edition

It is a premium roguelike game that offers eye-catchy visuals and strategic gameplay. The 6 hours campaign offers an intuitive gaming experience that succeeds in keeping the user engaged. The user interface is easy to understand and boasts a simplistic yet indulging design. The game shares a platform that supports real-time mechanics, and it is likely to sharpen your survival instincts.



DOOM is not just a game but more than that, it’s a legacy. It is among the first games that innovated and pushed the demand of first-person shooters in gaming history. Gear up in the fight against demons and save the world in this hardcore action-packed game. The range of weapons available in the game makes it even more exciting. With a plethora of maps and easy touch controls, the game is a bliss for the legendary ‘DOOM’.


7. Disgaea 1 Complete

An element of the classic series of original ‘Disgaea’, Disgaea 1 Complete is a tactical role-playing game that made its way to the portable device (smartphone) in the year 2018. The game is restructured in a way that grants the user the privilege of using touch controls; however, it also supports controllers making it easy to operate. The 40-hour campaign that it offers is another perk that attracts the fan of the popular old-time classic.

Cost Of Android Game App Development

Gaming app development is a complex process that is full of varied challenges. The versatility of challenges associated with the app development lengthens the duration of app development, and so makes the efforts of the developers. 

A simple gaming app like casino games can range anywhere near $20000. However, the intrusive graphic games with advanced features and effects can cost you a whopping price tag of $100000 or even more than that. 

Final words

Game development is a process that knows no boundary and has constantly been achieving new milestones by the joint efforts of the service provider and operator. The list of latest play store games is ever-changing with many new games making in the list every then and now. 

Investing in Android game app development with the help of an experienced app development company can be a decisive step determining the scope of success depending on the concept of your business idea.

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