10 Free Android iOS Games to Play on Your Phone

10 Free Android/iOS Games to Play on Your Phone

Recently, the world of gaming has witnessed several innovations, technological advancements, and remarkable growth, making it the most influential medium of entertainment in the world. With the increasing number of smartphone users, the demand for Android and iOS games are increasing tremendously with each passing day. Game developers are putting a lot of efforts in developing millions of Android and iOS games every day.

Gaming has become an integral part of our lives and we could not imagine our lives without games. With over 60,000 million games on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, they offer a wide variety of games of different genres for every age group.

1. Helical Jump

jumping ball game

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Helical Jump Game is a basic, simple jumping ball game that is freely accessible in the Google Play Store. It offers easy one-tap controls with high-quality visual effects. Its amazing features and thrilling adventure encourage you to play this game continuously in your boring time.

2. Crossing gaps Hero

fun-loving bridge game

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This crossing gaps hero is an adventure game where the player completes the level in a unique, and an impressive manner. This fun-loving bridge game includes attractive animation like a burning river and bubble clouds, which also define the quality of a game.

3. Latest Jump

online jumping game

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This online jumping game is the most entertaining and challenging game which uses addictive gameplay techniques to keep the players glued to their screens and experience the joy of playing this exciting game.

4. Latest Teen Patti

 free multiplayer online poker game

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Play Store

App Store

It is a free multiplayer online poker game which you can play with anonymous players from different corners of the world or with your friends and family. It offers secure chat options to the players making the game a lot more interactive and fun. It allows you to earn rewards and bonus chips by inviting your friends.

5. Super Ludo

Download Now Ludo Game

Ludo is one of the most loved game in the whole world for decades. The super Ludo game allows you to enjoy your favourite game of Ludo on your Android or iOS or tablets. Download Now Ludo Game

6. Latest BallRace

Online Ball Race game for android

Experience the excitement of playing this recent Ball Race game and indulge in the ultimate experience of gaming. This game is designed to keep in mind the realistic strategy, allowing the player to cross the path while avoiding all obstacles. This addictive play will enhance the coordination of your hand and eyes while improving the capacity to concentrate. Download Now: Online Ball Race game for android

7. Latest Rummy – Indian Rummy Game

online Indian Rummy game

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Play Store

This is an online Indian Rummy game that allows the players to form a varied set and sequences of playing cards. Designed using the most modern technology and striking graphics, it offers an ultimate rummy game experience on Android devices.

Snake and Ladders

Snake and Ladders Game

This game has replaced our old childhood favorite board game, Snake and Ladders. It is also one of the most popular game that one can play anytime, anywhere and experience the fun. It also provides a feature where the user can play with the device or even with another person. Download Now

Latest Tambola

LIVE multiplayer party game

This LIVE multiplayer party game is designed to fully take over the traditional version of this game and bring some style and modern touch to this game. It offers a user-friendly interface along with the high-quality graphics. Gamers can play the game with their friends, family or with anonymous players round across the globe. Download Now LIVE multiplayer party game

Shoot out

Download shooting games

Shoot out one of the most loved shooting games. It offers gamers with a large number of bomb machines and powerful guns that allows you to survive against the deadly sky attacks. Download shooting games


There are many game app development companies in the market that offer to download free Mobile games along with online mobile game development company. With the help of expert game developers, the companies offer charming customization features, friendly User Interface, and attractive animation to the games.

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