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10 Addictive Mobile Games You Should Download Now

Did you even realize that you have one of the most powerful gaming devices in your hands in the form of smartphones? These mobile phones can provide you with hours of entertainment, all you have to do is download these latest mobile games. And, now you don’t have to worry about the platform you are playing on because there are so many mobile games that support multi-platforms.

Top 10 Latest Addictive Mobile Games to Kill Your Boredom

All the players pay your precious attention to these most addictive mobile games. These games are helpful to give you a good company when you get bored while sitting at home. Check out these-

1. Latest Dots & Boxes Game


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It is a free game for android users in which you have to make a winning box with dots. Your main objective should be a combination of boxes and dots that decide the winner. It also has an amazing dashboard screen. Two players can easily play this game simultaneously, and it is compatible with both tablets and smartphones.


2. Fire Emblem Heroes

It is known among new mobile games that are available for both Android and iOS. It is the latest version of the famous Nintendo RPG. It is so addictive that it is top on the spot list. In this game, it provides the user with a universe you want to get lost in, and as a user, you have to battle hordes of princess Veronica alongside amazing characters that make the grind for orbs.


3. Latest Jump

Download Link: Jump Cube Game

It is a challenging game to allow users to have fun and experience a good time by this enthralling game. To have an amazing game to play, this is just perfect t0o show your skills to others. It has a large fan base and known as the latest version of the jumping game to engage more users.

4. Candy Crush Saga

Is there anyone who doesn’t like this game? I think this game hits the favorite list of every person as it is one of the latest mobile games to beat boredom. It is a very simple game, including matching and switching many colors. With every new level, you will get addicted to this game. Levels included in this game have new obstacles and increased levels of difficulties.

5. Pokémon Go

It is the most addictive that is very popular among people. It is free to play for all people and also available for both Android and iOS users. It is a huge hit as it is a cultural phenomenon with the crowd joining local landmarks for catching a rare. Get back to the wild monster hunt while the weather warms up. This game also has in-app purchases, so uncover the world of Pokémon by exploring and discovering the Pokémon wherever you are!

6. Helical Jump

Download New Helix Jump

Most interesting game to play with your family and friends while enjoying it too. It will provide you with an amazing experience as it is known as one of the new mobile games. Just consider your finger movements and balance of the ball to win the game. Break the pillar through facing off the ball and pay attention to gap plates.

7.Super Mario Run

From children to elders, this game is the favorite game for every age group to play on their smartphones. And, this new version of this game is a combination of all the new technologies. It is just a swipe or tap game in which you have to keep moving forward. Tap on the screen for pulling off high jumps, wall jumps, and mid-air spins to gather coins and accomplish goals.

8. Crossing Gaps Hero

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It is among the latest mobile games which are unique, effective, and interesting for users. It is an adventurous game based on targeted locations. All you have to do is to make a bridge between two pillars but consider the gap as you can fall. If you fall, you will be out of the game.

9. Subway Surfer

It is the game where the endless runner genre started, and it is also fun to play. As a user, you will play the role of jack and need to escape from a loud police officer by the subway tracks. It would help if you also eliminated all the obstacles and trains at the time of gathering many coins. This game also provides you power-ups like hoverboards surfing and painting the powered jetpacks.

10. Alto’s Adventure

This snowboarding game is free to play for Android users and purchasable for iOS users. Every age group can play this game as they will enjoy it a lot. It is counted on the top in the list of latest mobile games. In this game, Alto is a snowboarder who is always ready to go his way along with the snow-clad mountains for searching Llamas. This simple game will keep you entertained and interested all the time.

Final Words

In this article, you got to know about some of these addictive and latest mobile games that will keep the boredom away from you. Also, ZuoBox which is known as a leading game development company is working continuously in this direction to provide people with stunning games. Try these games mentioned above at least once and tell us your views in the comment section.

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